Like our Veggies?...Try Our Beef.

We have delicious, Locally fed Black Angus beef which we sell for home freezers.  We sell ½’s,  ¼’s and  whole beefs.  All of the cattle are healthy, and  primarily grain fed, eating plenty of shelled corn, corn silage and alfalfa hay.  The cattle also have easy access to a good water supply. These cattle are fed no growth hormones or antibiotics

We charge by the pound,  based on hanging weight. A side of beef will weigh approximately 250-400 lbs. A  discount of 5 cents per pound is given to customers that purchase a whole steer.  Many of our customers take advantage of this savings and divide a whole steer with family, friends or co-workers. 


The cattle are taken to a State or Federal inspected facility for slaughter.  After hanging 10-14 days, to age the meat and make it more tender, the beef is cut to the customers specifications.  In addition to the price per hanging weight, the cost of processing is approximately $110.00 for white wrap or vaccum pack.  While the white wrap is good for 12 months, the vaccum pack will keep the meat from freezer burn for 2-3 years.

Our beef is available year-round.  It is our wish that you as a consumer will feel better about  buying ‘LOCALLY GROWN’ meat and vegetables.


To order beef or get more information about making the purchase,

Contact Bonnie at 740-984-4802.

We sell burgers, steaks and other cuts by the pound at        The Marietta Farmers' Market, Saturday's from 8 a.m. to noon. 

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet?

Our Freezer Beef is a great option for gift giving.  Don't worry about finding the right sizes and colors for everyone, just fill up your family's freezer and feed them all year long.  They will love it!  

Due to volatility in the beef market, we are currently running a special:

$50.00 OFF a Half of Beef   $100.00 OFF a Whole Beef

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